Botanical garden visited!

On Thursday  we( my student and I) had to take the train in to Wellington.

We made arrangements earlier in the week to visit the Botanical garden in Wellington!

Arriving at the station –

No train!

The lady in the ticket office told us a bus would take us.

The bus picked us up and we had to stop at every station to pick people up.

Were there people!?

Many, many wanted to go to Wellington in the 10 o’clock train(bus).

School holidays!

It took us a bit longer than using the train.

Arriving in Wellington we went to the cable car.

It took us to the top of the hill.


We walked down the hill and saw the following!


Very windy and cloudy also cold at first.

We enjoyed the day.

30 comments on “Botanical garden visited!

  1. Beautiful flowers! I have never seen a white tulip like the one you pictured…also the Cymbidium…looks like a little man sitting in the middle of it praying. Needless to say I am not well versed on flowers…but I loved your pictures!!

    • It is a beautiful place and there are always flowers. I thought to take my student and show her the begonias – not in season jet- the orchids and tulips made up for it!

    • Beslis daar is tog oral iets moois om mens se dag op te helder. Hul het by of in die tuin n “rose garden” wat BAIE mooi is in blomtyd. Dan ook die”Begonia House” wat n kweekhuis is waar regtig begonias vir Afrika is – as dit in seisoen is. Op oomblik is die orgidee aan’t blom en natuurlik tulpe en poppies.

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