Maori Potatoes

Since having an International student living with me I also get the opportunity to see, do and cook new things. I came across Maori Potatoes on Monday and decided to try it. I first had to look up what it was and how to cook it.

It really surprised me.

I forgot to take a photo before cooking it.

Here is the cooked end product.

Tastes very good!


It has a dark purple skin.

You may or may not peel it.

Boiled like potatoes.

It is a firm potato which can also be used to fry or bake.



Māori have grown taewa in New Zealand for over 200 years. Taewa are a tāonga, or treasure, and have significant cultural and historical value in New Zealand. Taewa originated in South America over 2,000 years ago and were first brought to New Zealand by European explorers in the late 18th century. Māori gave the traditional cultivars Māori names and have continued to grow them ever since.

More information can be found at:

19 comments on “Maori Potatoes

  1. Hi – I am not sure if this is the same variety – but one year (think 09) I actually grew some potatoes that looked very similar – the garden center had a starter bag and I just put them in the ground and they did their thing – had them come up a second year – but none after that – they also had a pretty flower – anyhow, enjoyed your pan shot and post about yours. mmmm

    • Could easily be the same. There is a variety of them. All are dark purple outside and then the inside can be like the ones I cooked to all purple or yellowish inside. It seems they don’t cultivate them to sell in super markets. They tasted good, I’ll use them again whenever they are available. Good to know you enjoyed the pan shot!

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