15 comments on “Mooring post : Black and white Sunday

  1. I love a pier and all its ‘trimmings’, Ineke. This looks fine in B & W. Reminds me of one of my Whitby shots from last year. I’m going there with my walkers tomorrow, coincidentally, though that won’t be the featured walk.
    Happy Sunday! 🙂

    • I have taken this photo in color, I think I can use it for Odd ball challenge. My Sunday is gone, I had a relaxing day at home, only went for cup of tea with my son and daughter in law to be! Still busy with wedding arrangements- she is baking and decorating her own wedding cake.(Just practicing the baking and decorating at the moment) Enjoy your Sunday and week too

      • No worries I also forget about the time gap. 2 Aug and far away from where we live- making a long weekend outing of it! Friend of mine is going to do the driving. Trompie goes in the kennels from Wednesday to Monday and we start off on Thursday, have a lovely shopping Friday and then the wedding Saturday afternoon. We come back the Sunday.My international student from HongKong is going with us for the weekend.

      • Yes at last. I had been looking for red at first but it is a difficult color to match. I found a full length black skirt. The bride loves black – brides maid is going to wear black dress with gold. Groom, brides father and best man wear black suits and gold waist coats and ties. Mother of the bride still has not decided what color her outfit would be.That’s why I decided on red as main color!I am wearing a fascinator with some netting over my eyes. As soon as I have taken photos I’ll put it in a post

      • I am also starting to look forward to the wedding. I’ve got only my one son and it is going to be only him and me from my (our) side of family attending. All my family are still in South Africa. The bride has got many of her fam here(they are also from SA. It’s going to be a SA Christian wedding with a Kiwi mix in between!

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