At the races – my first time!

I took my student to the races today!

First time for her and for me.

Trentham  Race Course

Upper Hutt

Entrance was free today!


Old building


Although Trentham was 16 3/4 miles from Wellington, the travel time was considerably less than the Hutt Park site and had the added advantage of the adjacent railway line.

Work Started in 1922 on three stands, The Leger (demolished in the 1998), and the reinforced concrete cantilevered public and members stands which still dominate and provide excellent viewing today. In a rush to have the stands completed for the January 1924 cup week, the workers were “compensated” with chocolate and nylons to work extra hours over the Christmas and New Year period with the stands being opened on time!




Horses getting ready for the race

And there they come!

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Sunny house on the hill


Look at the beautiful clouds!


It was an awesome afternoon at the races!