22 comments on “Smooth object: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

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  3. i saw a tutorial on photographing glass objects against a dark background with a light from a bedside lamp. It was amazing the effects. This would have been a good challenge to experiment with that technique

    • Thanks I’ll try it because I still need to hand in my assignment . This time it is form(shape) and also shape in monochrome. The best light to use is light from the side.

      • oh ok. I think this tutorial did say something similar. I will try to remember to position the light from the side. Good luck with your assignment. How are you going with the student? Better?

      • Quite good, we understand each other and respect each other which is very important. She also brought home a very good report and I’m going to meet the teachers on Thursday evening at the parent’s meeting. I am enjoying it to have her with me. Last weekend we went to Cambridge to celebrate my sons engagement (his partners family live in Cambridge – also South African

      • Congratulations to your son. How wonderful!!! And I am very glad to hear that you are enjoying your student. I am not familiar with Cambridge. Something I will have to google! Have a good week.

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