Honesty seeds : Tuesday A-Z challenge: H

Tuesday’s A to Z challenge: “H”



Honesty seeds


Lunaria annua “Honesty”.

Silver Dollars, Silver Pennies
Over a long season it produces masses of silvery pods. When dried, the green outer covering peels off to reveal the silvery translucent “silver pennies” or “dollars”.
Read more : http://www.seedaholic.com/lunaria-annua.html

20 comments on “Honesty seeds : Tuesday A-Z challenge: H

    • I came across them and knew it had something to do with money(Pennies or dollars). Then there was an article in a gardening magazine a few weeks ago and I got the name!

    • Ek het self nog nie die saad gesien totdat die een bossie hierdie keer die sade gemaak het. Dis diesfde soos met die raam van foto. Het nogal kyk en weer kyk gevat voordat ek regtig fotos geneem het

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