Thursday’s Special: Thick fog

Wow, this morning was very different to the last few mornings!

I usually go for my first walk at about 7 am.

It is still cooler at that time, than in the middle of the day or later in the mornings.

Last night when I took Trompie for his quick outing –

about 9:30 pm

everything outside was quiet!
Usually the cicadas chirp right through the night.

This wasn’t the case.

Quiet and mysterious.

Walking out the door this morning I had to turn back and grab my camera .

I took the following photos.

Then about 30 minutes later while the sun was melting away the fog!

I heard on the radio that Wellington Airport was closed till about 11 this morning.

It had to be closed for 18 hours due to the thickness of the fog.


8 comments on “Thursday’s Special: Thick fog

    • Yes I could not resist taking some photos. I am just sad that I did not have my camera with later that morning while driving across the river. To my right was all clear and to my left was all foggy!

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