Quilt Festival no 2

Some extra photos of the Quilt Festival


Too much sunshine!


Purrfect Cats

Pieced and designed by Wanda Borowicz

Hand embroidered cross stitched cats and quilted  blocks

Then there was this beautiful quilted one!


Canadian Adventure

by Camilla Watson

From the pattern “A home in the woods” by McKenna Ryan

To commemorate a fabulous adventure into the Canadian wilderness.

6 comments on “Quilt Festival no 2

  1. I love McKenna Ryan. I have already done one of hers and have another one I must do as well. Her fabrics are just lovely to work with. The embroidered quilt is to die for. Beautiful photos and thank you for showing us. 😀

  2. Wow, thousands of hours of patient stitching in one display! I love that the quilts were outside, the natural lighting would have really showed them off well. Some, like the cat quilt, would be too precious to use!

    • It is wonderful to see the quilts outside moving in the breeze!It was a lovely day for the outdoors. The weekend before was crap weather and they postponed it to the next Sunday which was a lovely day!

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