Thursday’s Special


International Sudent

A new year, and new adventures! I wonder how this year, 2014, will end.

It started off with a big bang.

First of all I am in the lucky position to have an International student from Hong Kong for a whole year!

This is really going to help me cope with my expenses. The South African Rand is still declining- less and less money to pay the bills with which are also getting more and more expensive.

I picked my student up on Saturday at the Airport. Lucky for me, she has a cousin who had been here last year. The picking up at the airport was an adventure on its own with all those Hobbit things hanging in the air.

On Monday I took Kiki, my student and her cousin Eliza to Upper Hutt College International office.

This was the first time in at least 3 years I walked so close to classrooms. It felt quite good, having been a teacher my whole life.

At the office we were welcomed by the Manager. She had a lot to explain and tell to Kiki. We went to the clothes “bank /depot” to get some school clothes. Then it was time for Kiki to sit down and do some tests. She also attended the last class of the school day before I picked her up that afternoon.

At home Kiki told me how the day had been. “Boring” she said,” Tests, tests and more tests.” She said that the class she had the last period was boring because the teacher was talking very slowly. She isn’t used to the way they are doing it here! I told her that boredom won’t bring her a good outcome. She better has to concentrate on what is said and not on how boring it is. Easier said than done, I have to admit. I think she is very tired because the trip to New Zealand took about 12 hours. Then, before coming here, the  two girls  had some time in Indonesia.

I wish Kiki all the best and that her time here would be, not only a pleasure, but a success too.