8 comments on “Red Roses for a blue lady

    • Still busy testing all the options. I may not use a flash. It must be inside and all natural light. It is so cloudy here at the moment, not much natural light to play with.

      • That’s the one. Now I’m forced to use manual settings. It still confuses me. I have the camera instructions next to me and then start taking as I go! Problem is I don’t do it enough to remember the settings. Best is to use the automatic settings because it is the easiest way out. To take better photos you really have to know to use what and when.

      • Yes I think i have it and then I forget. I did post something about shutter speed which is the easiest function to understand. and then the aperture allows you to have a greater depth of field.

    • Yes, mine too. These are my own two roses. I just feel that the photos are not that well focused and clear! That’s anyway all in the practice. Slowly I’m getting there! 🙂

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