Chocolate Cosmos

This time of the year all plants are showing off their beautiful flowers.




The alluring, strong chocolate fragrance of this sunloving, bushy perennial is intriguing! From midsummer into fall these velvety, deep burgundy, 1 ½ to 2″ flowers bloom for weeks atop slender 10-15″ tall stems. Superb as a container plant; outstanding as a cut flower.



Tigridia pavonia

Common Name: Jockey Caps. Sword-shaped, ribbed leaves. Triangular shaped flowers of White, Red, Rose or Yellow – with many colour combinations inbetween!



Fuchsia fans know how much fun it is to pot up a small plant and watch it grow in just a few weeks, into a stunning plant with flowers that resemble tiny ballerinas dancing down the sides of a hanging basket, or standard, or bush.
Luckily for fuchsia novices, this joy requires very little skill or hard work.

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