8 comments on “Pukaha Mt Bruce N W C : Part 4 : Kiwi & Ferns

  1. What amazing birds these are. I visited a Kiwi house many years ago and was fascinated. It must be a challenge to keep enough food available for them! I had also forgotten that they had whiskers!

    • They are strange birds! The way they walk and dig with those long beaks is amazing! One of the albino ones was chasing and attacking a brown one They peck and kick and try to trample one another!

      • I find that surprising! I would have thought they would be rather placid birds, but obviously I had this wrong!

      • I also did not think they would be like that. This white one really went to the other side of the “enclosure” as if he was looking for the brown one and then started chasing it. The brown was a bit smaller and the white one really pushed it over . The brown one already had some wounds on his face where he was pecked.

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