Shop hop quilt in the making!

I started cutting out my shop hop quilt just before Christmas.

Put away everything till after New Year(that’s what I thought)

Just after Christmas I put my machine ready.

Well I started sewing on Monday the 30/12/2013!

Today I finished off the middle square!


6 x square one


6 x square two


Strip together


Go to the bottom and top


There we are!



Still need to make 4 corners with Dresden Plate design!


12 comments on “Shop hop quilt in the making!

    • Once a year 5 or 6 shops from nearby towns work together and design a quilt top. They cut it up in the squares or pieces of material for a square. They send a square piece to each of the 5 shops. The customers pay for the shop hop- that’s for the top squares of the quilt. Each shop also uses a different color palette . The customer picks which shop’s quilt top they want to make. Then in about two weeks time you have to visit each shop to collect your pieces. Then there is a lucky draw. You get a stamp on your pass when you buy some material from each shop.You also get 10% discount if you buy $10 worth of material that day or during those two weeks. This is the third year they are doing it. We had to go to Palmerston North, Levin, Masterton,Pahiatua and Upper Hutt. Gives opportunity to go out and meet new people and shops

      • That sounds like a lot of fun!
        Another question I have is how do you back your quilts? Do they have padding which you sew through? Perhaps you could show us the underside of one or two sometime. I have made quilt tops, but I am unsure how they should be ‘finished’. Thanks!

      • It will take some time before I get there! Depends on when I am going to buy the batting and backing, but I’ll remember to put it on any way

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