Trompie enjoying himself: Michelle’s Pet Challenge

I showed Trompie tearing his new toy apart in B & W.

It looks much better with a bit of color!

Poor frog is begging Trompie:

Please, don’t hurt me!DSCF5786

I won’t hurt you!

You will feel nothing!


Here we go!!!!

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19 comments on “Trompie enjoying himself: Michelle’s Pet Challenge

      • So you help her to pull it out! Trompie never did it but I think he saw Molly doing it and he joined in the fun. It was only this poor frog he pulled apart. I think it was a babies toy because I bought it at a second hand shop. (Trompie does not like “children” much, maybe he thought I’ll show you what I think of you!) Strange how a human brain works! I also think he doesn’t even think about anything. πŸ™‚

  1. First she chews a soft toy and shakes it a bit, like Trompie did this time
    I think she thinks it is prey as we throw it down the hallway and she runs after it.After chewing it for a while, a little hole in the fabric of the toy appears and she rips at that with her front teeth. Once the hole is made, it is easy for her to pull out the stuffing. Funny, Trompie has discovered his primitive dog instincts after seeing Mollie do it. Perhaps Trompie was not relaxed around me because Heidi was a child?

    • He does not like the way children fuss about him he feels they want to grab him. If the child stands still without making a lot of noise he’ll go to the child out of his own will. Also when there is someone bouncing a ball he just doesn’t even want to pass. Just wants to run away.He had some bad experiences with children and them playing with a ball.

      • Those bad memories really stick! I think Tiffany has some, hence her separation anxiety, but I don’t reallly know what they could be.( She’s been super clingy since ‘ve been home)

      • They put it on themselves. I always give Trompie a treat before I go out and he would be okay till I’m back. But if I go out without telling him and giving him one he’ll put up a scene and a howl till I go back give him his treat and then go!

      • I have started to hide a few treats and always give her breakfast or a treat if I go out. She got a few treats hidden in a empty toilet roll and wrapped in Xmas paper at Xmas. Even after she ransacked the Cadbury favourites under the tree.

      • Ha ha she knows what she wants. There is also a plastic ball with an opening which lets out treats as they roll it around. Trompie loves this thing, specially on my wooden floor. He rolls it and hits it with his paw to see if something drops out. They are so clever these dogs!

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