10 comments on “Tearing toy apart! Cee’s Black & White Challenge

  1. I wonder what defines a nice as opposed to a toy that is not liked? The smell maybe?
    He definitely got his fun times out of tearing it to pieces!

  2. Funny how he seem to have learned this. Mille always tore apart all his things until he was about 9 years old. He even could eat everything up afterwards. Took him maybe half a minute to finish it. Now he doesn’t play with toys anymore. Totti is very nice to his toys – treats them with care and loves to have a sound from them when he plays.

    • Trompie is like Totti , he still has his first toys all in his toy box. There is one he still loves. Now and again he’ll pull it out and will play with it. I think Molly gave the example of tearing it apart and that where it started.

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