Craft market: my table

The market was not so good as last year.

I I am still happy with my sales.

I sold my Christmas hanging,

A B C quilt & one of my no gender quilts

and two of my bags.

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12 comments on “Craft market: my table

      • They promised that it would be one of a kind stall – didn’t really happen! They also did some advertising but I think it wasn’t enough. They are still new (second year) and still have a lot to learn if they want to make a success.

      • You’re welcome. I know you were disappointed in how the show was run this year, but at least there were some sales, what with the economy and lack of discretionary income for many. I hope you have input into how they can improve for next year!

      • I know, I could see some ladies were very interested but they just could not really afford it(not that my quilt are very expensive) I also think this time of the year is also not good for selling quilts. Wintertime is much better.

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