I found a treasure in my old camera’s inner memory!

I want to sell my old camera.

I thought today I better have a look if the internal memory is empty.

No, it wasn’t.

I found the last photographs I have taken

before moving to New Zealand.

Two of them are from my ย last sweet Nancy.

She was too old to bring her over and I had to

Send her to heaven.

ID 2013 Laaste SA 006

ID 2013 Laaste SA 007

16 comments on “I found a treasure in my old camera’s inner memory!

    • Beslis, selfs die paar fotos van my woon eenheid wat ek die laaste 2 jaar moes huur het my laat terug verlang na die”goeie” ou dae( Nie dat die ondervindings te goed was nie)

  1. She is just beyond adorable!!!! What a wonderful surprise to check your old camera and find her there smiling at you!!!! Maybe she was trying to say that she misses you too!!!! Hugs

  2. Bittersweet memories. Happiness at finding the photos, sadness at things no longer the same.
    Lots of emotions in this lovely post.

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