Outdoor’s adventure : Belmont Regional Park.

Today is/was a lovely warm and sunny day in the Hutt Valley.

My son and his partner  + Molly and Luigi

invited Trompie and me to

go tramping  in Belmont Regional Park.

We had a wonderful time.

Belmont Regional Park

282 Stratton Street, Maungaraki, Lower Hutt

Turn off State Highway 2 onto Dowse Drive and drive 3km. Turn onto Miromiro Road and then Stratton Street and drive 3km to the entrance of Belmont Regional Park.

For more information about other entrances check the Getting there tab in left hand menu.



6 comments on “Outdoor’s adventure : Belmont Regional Park.

    • Thank you! Trompie did not like to get into the water. My son had to carry him. Later on I walked into the water and pulled him in. He started to enjoy it a little bit. He hates it when my son picks him up also. I think it is the way he is doing it. Trompie still is a real softy, he does not like confrontations.

      • Sweet little Trompie…I’m so glad he started to enjoy his special day…Sometimes the tenderest ones are the biggest treasures!!!! Please give tender Trompie a big hug from me and Trev!!!!

      • Thank you, I can give him so much love. He gives it more than double back to me. He always comes and checks up on me every now and again. He even knows my mood swings!

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