Thunderstorm over Upper Hutt

Yesterday late afternoon a thunderstorm

passed overhead.

The clouds were very heavy and

just unbelievable.

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Then when I turned around to the back deck at my place

it was like this!

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Then going back to the front of my place again

not even 20 minutes after those dark clouds it looked like


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Awesome isn’t it!

14 comments on “Thunderstorm over Upper Hutt

  1. i have a lot of photos of that storm. even have some with u.f.o.’s in them. taken with my samsung s3 full h.d. . pretty freaky stuff. if you would like to see them, leave me your contact details. cheers. birchville

  2. I love clouds. I was on a camping trip in the desert near Las Vegas, AZ. We were packing up getting ready to leave and a huge black cloud came up behind the red rock mountain. I just poured. In a bit it began to hail and, before we left, it snowed. That was a first for me. Mother Nature is so wonderful.

  3. Wow! Impressive and awe inspiring cloudwork!
    I love watching displays like that and you have captured this so well!
    How does Trompie react to storms? Some dogs hate them.

    • Thanks I could not stop taking photos! Trompie is a bit nervous but he calms down when I tell him it’s okay! Don’t know how he’ll react when he is on his own.

    • Thank you! I grew up with heavy thunder storms in South Africa. They usually thundered during the night and my father would wake us up and we would all gather in the dining room, sit around the table and wait till it is over!

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