12 comments on “Trompie: Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Close-up/ Macro

      • Amazing! He obviously knows the limits of his jaws! Tiffany was always terribly frustrated that she could not have the children’s basketball, and when she did get, got so annoyed that she could not bite it and pick it up, that she eventuallly jammed it against the fence and pop… that was the end of it 😉

      • To me it is as if Trompie is only one of his kind! He has unusual things he does. He also is a real softy when it comes to playing! One thing he hates is children wanting to pat him. I don’t know why he doesn’t like them near him. Last weekend one of his friends, Conner, ran out to meet him and my friends grandson wanted to catch them. He had a ball in his hands and bounced it once and Trompie just ran off in the middle of the road. He didn’t want to come back to me. Luckily I had some bites in my pocket and could catch him far away from my friends place

      • Gosh, just as well you had those treats. Sounds like he is more used to / prefers adults than little kids. Interesting. It seems to be more of a standard schnauzer thing than a mini sch. thing to rip into soft toys and balls?

      • Don’t think so, all dogs love to rip things apart! Trompie loves to jump onto my lazy-boy’s and start scratching it with meaning! When visitor had been sitting on one of the chairs he’ll scratch it for some days!

      • Oh my goodness! That is funny, but probably not for you! Tiffany has commandeered the lounge when we are not home, and always positions herself so that the cushions make a nice pillow!

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