Trompie: Cee’s black and white


082713 b&w banner (1)

I tried my luck today photographing Trompie

in B & W.

Not very successful!

He did not want to look at the camera!

Trompie wasn’t feeling well since Sunday.

He was allergic to something because

he was scratching himself and even made some soft yelping sounds!

Gave him some anti histamine which helped.

Since yesterday he is feeling much better!

(There was some ginger in the meat balls my neighbor gave me on Sunday.

I gave him some. At first he did not really wanted to eat it.

Shows how important it is to look out for things that are not good for them!)


20 comments on “Trompie: Cee’s black and white

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  2. Poor Trompie! Just be careful as he gets older with feeding table foods. I gave Tiffany a 2 cm piece of curried sausage once and it gave her pancreatitis. Now she can no longer have bones, sausage, treats ( unless they are low fat) pigs ears, bacon of any kind, and table scraps. Schnauzers are particularly vulnerable to pancreatitis as they age. She now has a senior food extremely low in fat ( canidae platinum) – what food does Trompie have?

    • I know they are very food sensitive! He is a bit overweight at moment and I started feeding him Lite for weight loss. I am using Natural choice I am not very happy with their food at the moment. In the nearly three years of use they have changed it several times. In SA I gave my dogs Hill’s and that was the best.

      • We had to cut back Tiff’s food so that she would shed 2 kgs, to get back to a good weight, as the vet told us overweight schnauzers increase their risk at developing pancreatitis. But being so food obsessed, Tiff often feels really hungry, due to the low fat content of the Canidae food. So I found smaller more frequent meals also helps her digestion.

      • Thanks I’ll try that too. Trompie isn’t a great eater. He is very fussy. I also do not really give him more than his morning and evening half a cup of dry food. I give him a lamb’s ear each night, maybe I should cut it in half.

      • If you want him to loose weight then yes. The vet told me that Tiff would not loose weight until I cut her intake of food by 2/3. That was severe, but he said dogs don’t loose weight by exercising more, only by cutting their food. Of course, after she lost the excess weight we then gradually increased it until her weight stabilised. Let me know how you go with Trompie.

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