Amazing mail box Quest.


Amazing Mailbox Quest

Get a photo (please either photograph without the owner’s details or cover/blur them so that they are not readily identifiable) and post it on your site. It would be good to know the country and state (perhaps?) of each entry, but to protect the privacy of the owners, please avoid any detailed location information in your post or in the photo(s).

Tag the post ‘Amazing Mailbox Quest’, then add a link to it in the comments on any of my ‘Amazing Mailbox Quest’ posts so that others can find your link. I will also add a link to the list on this page.

I imagine that it may take many months to collect these photos. Often they are only seen when out and about when travelling. So I will put an Amazing Mailbox Quest category on the header of my site. This will make it easy to find this post whenever you want to add a new image to the collection.


My neighbor made this mail box





Staglands Wildlife Reserve Part 9: Old chapel

The old bush settlement

This area is a nostalgic recreation of an abandoned Akatarawa bush settlement giving a unique view of the life led by the pioneers during the early settlement of New Zealand. Have fun exploring all the nooks and crannies of this unique old settlement including the jail house where you can get some fun photos of friends and family locked up in the Village Pillory! The Settlement is a fantastic backdrop for photography enthusiasts and a great Wellington bushwalk.

My photos of

The Chapel