FWF Free Write Friday: Dandelion season

free write friday kellie elmore


Dandelion season


Dandelions are sunshine flowers. They remind me of full sunshine and warmth.

They grow everywhere, in grazing fields, on lawns, in splits and narrow spaces.

Their tiny yellow petals form a tightly packed rosette. At first the plants green leaves appear as soon as they had a bit of rain and sun shine. Then the flower heads appear. A long slender stem pushes the flower out and up in the open. The bud opens and shows its yellow face to the world and the sun.

Bumble bees love to collect nectar from the dandelions.

We, human beings, love to destroy them because they are weeds that can invade a whole field or lawn.

At the end of the flowers life it forms a puff-ball with small seeds at the end of each feathery stem that looks like a parachute. When the wind blows and the seeds are ready to be sown, they will float on the wind and fly away. They will land in another patch or field far away from the mother plant.

As soon as the weather and climate has the right temperature they will germinate in a new place.

Sometimes it looks as if they grow overnight to form their new flowers and seed balls.

Across the road from where I live is a patch with dandelions. There were many flowers till yesterday. Yesterday the owner cleared the patch and at the moment there are no dandelions anymore. Giving it a week or two, and they will be back showing their flowery  faces  again.



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