It’s write easy : How I felt when I started blogging


Describe how you felt when you did something for the first time!

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IT’S WRITE EASY       August 16, 2013


My younger sister has been a blogger for many years. She is also an intensive Face Book user. I have never been that interested in the computer and also not in using the internet. My son moved to New Zealand in 2005 and I started using e-mails to keep in contact with him. At first it was not easy to do because I have never really been an active internet user.

I moved to New Zealand in 2009 and a new internet era started for me that year!

In South Africa my sister used my Face Book page to play games or ”farm” in my name. I am not interested in all these games so I did not mind. My sister kept on nagging me to start blogging. I tried it! I could not make a success of it. I was so nervous at first to click all the buttons and also did not know exactly what to do or expect. My sister kept on sending me information on how to keep going. I still could not do it. It just did not want to work properly. This blogging site she recommended was an Afrikaans one.

Then one day I decided: “ To hell, with my sister and this Afrikaans  blog! I am going to try my own way of doing it.” I went to WordPress and one, two, three everything was in place and running smoothly. I was happily blogging on my own.

Shows you when you want to do something it will happen. I am already blogging for nearly two years  now. Thinking back of my first time makes me feel very proud of myself, proving I can do some computer work on my own. I even had to show my son, who is an IT expert how to use WordPress and start his own blog.


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