20 comments on “Three Musketeers

    • Thanks, they are like the three musketeers I just don’t always catch them all three together. Luigi the older Yorky isn’t that playful anymore. He’ll start the game and then will run off as if he isn’t interested at all.

      • But then, he would have liked to play…but realizes that he is not fit enough. At least he starts it!. Mille here is a hard player, but tires soon these days. He will turn 12 next.

      • He knows that he has to stay out of Molly’s way because she is a real dare devil. Goes for it all the time. Trompie sometimes growls at her because she bites him in his ears and hangs onto them also. Luigi doesn’t like the rough way she plays.

      • I am okay, was a big one 6.2 and then a just over 5 afterwards it was a shallow one 8km down.There has been more than 11 aftershocks already. At the moment everything is still in turmoil people evacuating buildings, falling glass and people who can’t get to their transport in parking lots. It seems that my children are on the way out, traffic is very heavy because the trains are not going at moment also.

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