Mother Earth rumbled along this morning

Wow, what a wake up we had this morning!

I woke up at about 7.00am and heard something hopping on my home’s roof. I thought those black birds are hopping along and cleaning out the gutter again. That is what they do every morning.

I did not get up because it was still a bit early to start the Sunday morning. No ways! At about 7:15 am everything was rumbling and my bed was swaying from side to side.

Trompie, who sleeps on my bed at my feet, Got up and started barking at this noise and movement. He wasn’t very happy with who ever was trying to invade his space!

On the radio they said it was again n 5.8 shake the same place as Friday morning.

On Friday morning my son, who works in Wellington , text me and asked if I was okay! I did not feel anything at that time because I was in the shower. I heard Trompie barking but thought he was barking at something outside. That’s what he usually does when I am in the shower. My son  works in a  high building in Wellington and he said the whole building was moving from side to side. On Friday it was a 5.7 quack . There were also smaller tremors going on during the day.

The earth quacks were centered in the Cook Strait. They were about 17 – 18 km deep.

Earthquakes rumble central New Zealand


A series of earthquakes, the biggest a magnitude 5.8, have struck below Cook Strait this morning.

This was Sunday July 21, 2013.

5.8 quake wakes Wellington

NBR staff | Sunday July 21, 2013 | 16 comment

    5.8 quake wakes Wellington

    NBR staff | Sunday July 21, 2013 | 16 comments
    An initial GNS report puts the quake in the same place as Friday's cluster

    An initial GNS report puts the quake in the same place as Friday’s cluster
    The Friday quake cluster, including the 5.7 main shock (GNS)

    The Friday quake cluster, including the 5.7 main shock (GNS)
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    UPDATE / Sunday July 20: Wellingtonians were awoken by a 5.8 magnitude  quake at 7.17am this morning.

    It was the capital’s second major shake in three days, and was centred around the same location – the middle of Cook Strait – according to an initial GNS GeoNet report. It struck at a depth of 19km.

    There were no immediate reports of damage or injury.

    The main quake was followed by a cluster of aftershocks in the mid 3s, with one at 4.2 magnitude (the main shock was revised upward from the initially calculated 5.6).

    “Longer, more shaky” than Friday
    “This quake was definitely longer than the last and a little more shaky,”  cloud computing consultant Ian Apperley told NBR ONLINE.

    “It got the lights swinging and the china cabinet definitely rattling,”

    Mr Apperley lives on the south coast, near the airport.

    He added at 7.36am, “It’s a bit like being on a boat here at the moment with a bunch of barely perceptible aftershocks, just enough to make the house creak and lights swing a little. We’ll need to change our city moniker to ‘Shakiest Little Capital’ at this rate.”



    8 comments on “Mother Earth rumbled along this morning

    1. This is a wee bit frightening. I hope you are all ok over there. Better tell Mother Earth to stop its tantrums before the end of the year. Aussies like me can’t cope with the shaking! Stay safe!

      • Was kind of scary especially the shake in the afternoon. Was a 6.5 quack.Trompie and I went down on the floor in the passage for in case something came tumbling down. Nothing bad happened. Was just a lot of movement and rumbling. Was same spot as early morning and on Friday

      • We are but the shakes went on during the day and night. We had a 6.5 quack that was very very shaky. Monday the whole CBD of Wellington was closed because there was a lot of rubble on the streets and some of the buildings were not safe to enter. Some building are still closed today- Tuesday morning. Our buildings in Upper Hutt were also closed . They first had to inspect the structures.

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