Urban design : Sunday Post



Wellington ย New Zealand

designed to go up hill and also down hill!


Modern designed toilets for disabled people


Harbour design


Last but not the least

Wellington airport with its

runway in the sea!


The runway is at the back. It isn’t a road it is the runway!

SUNDAY POST LOGO 2013 120 x 100


Have a look at Jake’s Sunday Post for more information!


22 comments on “Urban design : Sunday Post

  1. Had a beautiful approach to that airport when I was there last. The sun was glistening goldne on the snows of ?Mt Richmond on the south island as we turned in to land. Hope this year’s flight will be just as nice…..

  2. Wellington was a total surprise to me with its modern and functional design and architecture. I loved it at first sight. Great to see it again through your photos. I didn’t know about the airport/runway!

    • It is modern and also gives a clean and welcoming impression. Yes they have some hassles with the short runway. Bigger air-crafts can’t really use it.

  3. I have to say, when I looked at your first shot I thought, “oh no, more skyscrapers”. But it just got better, and I definitely can see that Wellington would be a good place to live. Thanks for sharing some great photos and shouting up for your city. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thanks for sharing photos of Wellington. I will get to New Zealand one day. It is on my “bucket list”.

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