Sport and Action !

My photography  lesson or session was about

photographing action in sport.

For two weeks the weather did not want to give way.

Yesterday I went out –

come rain come snow and

did some photographing at our new sports fields

here in Upper Hutt.

It was only younger or still primary school games but

it gave me lots of  action photos!

I hope you enjoy them with me.

These two photos explain themself



More hockey


Some SOCCER Photos


I know some players are running out of the photo

doesn’t really matter to me. I at least tried to take photos.


Here I took many “empty” photos.

They were just too fast or I was always too slow!


8 comments on “Sport and Action !

  1. I think you have some great sports photos here. Regarding the weather – I think some of the more interesting photos, I have seen, were taken when the weather was not ‘perfect’. Keep up the good work.

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