Still snow on the hills: Wordless Wednesday

I had a drive to the shops this morning and what a big surprise!

The sun was out but the hills were still covered in yesterdays snow.

Enjoy it with me although it is freezing cold outside.

Wordless Wednesday – Week Of May 28, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

16 comments on “Still snow on the hills: Wordless Wednesday

  1. Beautiful landscape! I’m glad the Sun came our and made this day picture perfect. It’s Summer in Texas and though it’s hot, it is inviting to go out when the Sun shines so bright.

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      • This snow is unusual for here, we are not supposed to get snow because we are just about 100 m above sea level.. It snows mostly on the real high peaks. The South Island gets lots of snow during winter. They have ski resorts up there(down there).

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