2013 first snow!

Well, here we are,

suddenly in a full blast of snow.

I visited my friend at the foot of the Rimutaka Hills

Guess what?

There was some snow along the road side and

some snow on the roof and lawn of my friend’s place.


On the lawn and if you look at the trees on right hand side you can see a bit of snow

on the branches.


Snow on the roof of the garage



Photos on the Mangaroa Road on the way to White- mans Valley

8 comments on “2013 first snow!

  1. I would be happy to swop some cold foggy nights for some rain!! Any takers? 🙂
    No snow though, please, far too cold!

    • Nie regtig nie. Dis net op die hoogste heuwels soos hul se tot 500meter bo seespieel. Ons het net twee jaar gelede sneeu in die dorp gehad wat redelik op seevlak le en ook ongewoon is. So 20 km uit Upper Hutt begin die Rimutaka Hills en die is vanoggend nog gesluit agv sneeu. Hierdie sneeu is net genoeg om alles ysig koud te maak

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