Pathways : Travel theme

While walking along the pathway next to the Hutt River

I took photos of the pathway of the river.


Pathway of the river along the dry river bank



The Hutt River and the Akatarawa River flowing  together


The water’s pathway over stones/pebbles



Hutt River (New Zealand)

The Hutt River (Māori:Te AwakairangiTe Wai o Orutu or Heretaunga)[1] flows through the southern North Island of New Zealand. It flows south-west from the southern Tararua Ranges for 56 km, forming a number of fertile floodplains, includingKaitoke, central Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt.

The headwaters in the Kaitoke Regional Park are closed to preserve the quality of the drinking water drawn off at Kaitoke to supply the greater Wellington area. Below Kaitoke is the Kaitoke gorge, a popular destination for Rafting. Below the gorge is Te Marua, where the Mangaroa River joins the Hutt from the east. Further down, at Birchville, the Akatarawa River joins the Hutt from the west.


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