Mushroom or toadstool : Friendship Friday

Differences between a mushroom and
a toadstool

The terms ‘mushroom’ and ‘toadstool’ are subjective rather than strictly scientific, and therefore are open to a range of loose interpretations. In general, fungi with fruit bodies that have a cap more or less centrally placed on top of a stem are referred to as ‘mushrooms’, or as ‘mushrooms and toadstools’. Some people broadly consider that all fungi with a cap and stem are ‘mushrooms’, while others consider only edible fungi as ‘mushrooms’. In the strictest sense, the word ‘mushroom’ refers only to members of the genus Agaricus, e.g. the cultivated white button mushroom. ‘Toadstool’ is typically applied to any fungus with a cap and stem that appears different from Agaricus, regardless of its edibility, or more usually if it is suspected or known to be poisonous. In a broader sense, ‘toadstools’ also includes other non-mushroom forms of fungi such as puffballs, earthstars, and coral fungi.

Agaricus Mushroom Galerina Toadstool




5 comments on “Mushroom or toadstool : Friendship Friday

    • Dankie! Dit is beslis so dat mens met n ander oog en op n ander manier die fotos aanpak. Ek het juis n rukkie terug vir C gese dat ek in die verlede veerslik “slordige” fotos geneem het.

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