What a day! Tired but happy!

Today May 14, 2013 was a very exhausting day. I had to judge card making and scrap-book pages for the Women’s Institute .

My friend, who is a scrap-book consultant and tutor asked me to help her judge some of the entries. As far as I knew I only was supposed to judge the cards. Arriving at the venue I was in for a surprise. My friend had arranged (without telling me) that I would also judge the single scrap-book pages. After a bit of an argument with her I did the judging the best I could do.

There were 42 single pages. Each one had its own good points and some also were not really up to standard.


Table full of scrap-book pages to be judged.

Here is a photo of the best card.


The runner-up was also beautiful


There were only 10 cards , all were of a high standard.

Some interesting sights from the window on the 12th floor were we did the judging.

Wellington, New Zealand


My friend and the organizer  discussing the judged pages!