Toy meeting! Inspire me Monday

Inspire Me Monday – Week 70

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Inspire Me Monday

Toy meeting


Here we are all together waiting for the next game!

From left to right:

Rope, white bear, monkey, horsey and squeaky bird.

(As you can see all these toys had some good times and also some bad ones)

Horsey is without his stuffing, his one leg is white bear’s seat.

White bear is also empty inside.

Monkey is trying to put white bear into a better position.

Horsey is a happy go lucky fellow and Birdey is the new comer of the group.

He still has his squeaky inside and loves to chat along.

They are all a happy few toys. Each gets its chance to take part in the game.

Trompie is the big player and also the referee.


Here he is ready to start the next game!


6 comments on “Toy meeting! Inspire me Monday

  1. So funny that there are some toys our pups take better car of than others. I found a flat toy with 19 squeakers and my mutt is chewing them out one at a time – he always looks surprised when he finds another one that he has missed! Great challenge.

    • Ha ha, Trompie loves to play with the squeaky one. He does not chew them out he just makes a noise with the toy in his mouth. His little friend Molly loves to chew out the noise and also the inner stuffing. Trompie looks after his toys!

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