Inspire me Monday


Inspire Me Monday #68 – Week Of April 22, 2013

Inspire Me Monday

I like the idea of Inspiration Monday.
Monday’s often get the short end of the stick
But they are fraught with potential!
Judy Palmer

It’s write Easy!

Last Friday we had to describe a room. Any room you like or dislike.

I wrote the following.

My room

Entering my unit or flat could shock your brain!

The room is not an ordinary open plan kitchen and lounge it is a huge open space for a small flat like mine. Coming in at the front door and looking to the left there are four chairs. Not classy and all different sizes and colours. No ways!

They are four lazy boys. Two are blue and go together. The other two are green. One a lighter kind of off green and the other (well warn and used by me) is a dark green. There is a wooden TV cabinet with an old-fashioned TV in it against the one wall. Against the other wall is a wooden book shelve with lots of craft  and doggy books. In front of the TV is a small glass coffee table with three  copper sun birds  looking up to catch the sun.

In the one corner is a plant stand with three small pots with succulents in it trying to grow.

The curtains are red-brown and cream in a stripy pattern.

Looking at the space behind one blue chair is a small dining table with 4 chairs.

All the furniture is second-hand stuff. Not classy, nothing grand, just easy to use.

The most important object in the room is a lovely dark red dog bed with a yellow  and  also a red baby blanket. When everything is quiet inside the room you could even sometimes find the owner of the bed taking a nap during the day.

This is a description of my favourite room where I usually while away most of my indoor time.








4 comments on “Inspire me Monday

  1. This is so beautifully written, I feel as if I have just visited and enjoyed your favourite and very comfortable room.

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