Rain, beautiful rain!




The rain is here to stay for at least some more days!

Last night there were very heavy rain pours.

This morning walking Trompie I saw that it must have been a lot of rain.

The leaves on the side of the road were pushed away from the kerb.

I took the following photos to show!

I went down to the river and

It is flowing!

DSCF2558         DSCF2560 DSCF2561 DSCF2555


8 comments on “Rain, beautiful rain!

  1. hurray scrapydo! maybe the same weather system we enjoyed brought your rain too … we have had 80ml, one big night of storms and pouring rain … the seas are huge, but all sunny and calm today 🙂

    • The weather report expects rain up till Tuesday. Late afternoon there was a bit of last sunshine and I took some colorful clouds again. We are rejoicing here

  2. Enjoy the rain 🙂
    Oh, please send some across the Tasman!! It is so dry here. I have big cracks in the ground in my garden 😦

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