Trompie’s friends: Friendship Friday : DOGS

This Week’s Theme Is Dogs!

This week, I am celebrating the release of Ted Kerasote’s fabulous new book,Pukka’s Promise – The Quest For Longer Lived Dogs, with a giveaway. If you are an animal lover, you will not want to miss out on the opportunity to own a copy of this book!

  • What is your favorite breed of dog?
  • What is your favorite dog book / movie?

We look forward to reading your answers at this week’s Friendship Friday party! Feel free to link up your dog-themed posts as well!

Have Fun!

Have fun connecting with one another – building friendships is what this community is all about!

For more opportunities to create and connect, join us for Inspire Me Monday andWordless Wednesday!

The Friendship Friday Community – Week 57
Thank you for joining us this week!
Please brighten our day with a comment!


Trompie is a mini Schnauzer

He is my best and only

He loves me more than I can show him

Here are some photos of  Trompie

 with his best pals

First up



The best one of all




Molly is watching the two having “man talk”



Friendship Friday

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