CentrePort Open day. Wonderful tug boat ride.

CentrePort Opens the Gates
Tuesday, 19 February 2013

CentrePort Wellington, New Zealand’s third largest port, is ‘opening the gates’ to Wellingtonians on Saturday 23 February 2013 for the ‘CentrePort Open Day’.

The day’s activities will be based at the Interisland Wharf (opposite the Wellington Railway Station and next to the Bluebridge Terminal) and will run from 10am – 4pm.

Coach tours and tug boat rides will be available for a gold coin donation.  All donations on the day will go to Wellington Free Ambulance.  CentrePort Chief Executive Blair O’Keeffe says “Wellingtonians will get a unique opportunity to see the diverse range of activities that go into making CentrePort a key part of Wellington’s dynamic Harbour and water front.”

Coach tours, which will depart from the Interisland Wharf, will travel through the port security area and will highlight an exciting growth story across many trades within CentrePort.  As with the tug rides these coach tours offer a unique opportunity that is not to be missed.   “Those who go out into the Harbour on the tug boat rides will also be treated to a spectacular up close view of the Queen Elizabeth cruise liner who will be in port on the day,” says Mr. O’Keeffe.

Based at the Interisland Wharf will be a number of other activities of a nautical theme to see and discover.  The Navy vessel ‘Taupo’ will be berthed at the wharf along with a number of other interesting Wellington based vessels, some of which will be open to climb aboard and look over.

For further information on the port’s open day please go to www.centreport.co.nz or call CentrePort on 04-495-3800.


Saturday February 23, 2013 was a very “cool” day

we visited Wellington harbour and had a wonderful time on one of the two


6 comments on “CentrePort Open day. Wonderful tug boat ride.

  1. What a great idea. Was it open to anyone, or did you have to be a resident? We’re there lots of people there? (So many questions……. !)

    • Was open for everybody and for free also! Only a gold coin entrance fee! I think they did a great job. There could be about 50 people at once and there were 2 tug boats I think they made a great success of the day by doing it for free. We had to queue for about 2 hours before we could get onto the boat.

      • It’s great that so many people participated. The organisers must have been delighted. What fun to ride on a tugboat!

      • It really was awesome. The head pilot gave us some history and how they work the boats. Was very interesting to hear these things. The pilot boat is the important one because the pilot takes over the command of the in coming ship as soon as they have made contact to come into the harbour. Then the pilot gives the command to the tug boats and then they do the work of pushing the ship into its place in the harbour or at the quay

      • Will they have a day like this every year do you think? Lots of people would like to experience what you have. It sounds so interesting.

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