Guess what this is?

Yesterday I came across a very interesting sight.

Take a guess and tell me what it is or/and what it is used for.


24 comments on “Guess what this is?

  1. I can’t imagine what this would be???? It loos so strange. Like a gigantic telescoping art installation. Symbolizing some tortured artist who had an obsession with decapitated brontosauruses????? LOL

  2. It’s a no-brainer!!!
    It has to be two giant songalolos. Obviously some South African ex pat, living in NZ has felt the need to create The “Big Songalolos” in a similar fashion to the “Big Merino”, the Big Pineapple” etc!!!!!!

  3. Guess number 2. (You didn’t say we were limited to one, so here goes….)
    There is a pedestrian crossing going up between the two structures, so it must be an entrance to something. But what? And Kiwis are so creative, this could be anything……
    And there are no other clues anywhere. I would guess a museum/display centre, perhaps with a film or video favour.
    The truth? I haven’t the foggiest idea!!

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