Community garden: New fresh veggies

Today is again a hot sweltering day outside.

We are not used to get so hot.

It is the time of the year that brings heat waves and no rain.

This morning I went to the Community garden again

I picked some lovely fresh



Look at he fresh radishes!


Fresh onions!DSCF1046

Ha ha and again some different looking carrots!



16 comments on “Community garden: New fresh veggies

    • Ha, it is “hell” hot here. We can’t go out for our 4 o’clock walk. The sun burns my back and I quickly walk from shady spot to the next and spread myself out in the coolness. (My mum hates it because she has to wait till I am cooled down for the next sun walk!) We go out at about 9 pm for a longer walk just to stretch my legs.

    • Ja, dis net hel warm 10 – 11 in die son. Vandag sommer emmers afgesweet.Daar was nie veel om te doen nie. Het aartappels uitgegrawe. Dis nie so groot sukses nie. Ek dink dis verkeerde tyd geplant. Hier plant hul sommer enige iets enige tyd.

  1. Ah, I am a lucky one. I have had a large veggie garden for many years. It was great when my children were young – we had lots and lots of fresh produce all through summer.
    Now we take bags of veggies to work, to share the excess.
    I managed to find a dark purple capsicum plant this year – they are delicious!

    • That’s wonderful. Some of the other time bank people also have gardens with fresh vegetables and they bring it with them and share it when we have our Wednesday tea drinking meeting. It is wonderful to see how we all share what we have

    • I enjoy fresh while there are, soon we also have to buy imported fruit and vegetables again.There is still whole Feb and a bit of March left for fresh out of the garden stuff

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