Sunday Post: Focused Attention

This week

Jake gave the following challenge


Every morning when Trompie and I are walking our rounds we meet some cats.

First it was Buddy – we are good friends now.

Next came Noopy, he also lives with Buddy.

He was always very “catty” to Trompie but

We are friends now.

He comes to us and greets us.


on Trompie because They do not really trust each other.

They trust me!


Now for the real focus!

There is also a new  white cat with a bell around its neck.

He always wants to stalk Trompie and Trompie hates it.

The  cat does not know it, but we hear him coming all the time.


As soon as Trompie focuses his attention on the cat

The cat will sit down and wait till we turn around!


We go around the street and come back the other side of the road and

again mister will charge at Trompie.


Then again as soon as the


is on him he will sit or hide behind a tree.



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