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Boney Whitefoot Nature Photography

Last year, our native Falcon or Sparrow Hawk (Falco novaeseelandiae), known to the Maori people as Kārearea was nominated New Zealand’s bird of the year.
As luck or good planning would have it, we Steve Richards and myself had been planning a trip to the Bay of Plenty to photograph the New Zealand Dotterels and then onto the Firth of Thames to visit the Miranda shore bird centre and on the way home we would be passing through Rotorua, the home of the Wingspan Bird of Prey Centre, a place best described in their own words as
“a place where people can visit and see birds of prey up close during interactive flying displays, hosted by the country’s leading experts.
The displays showcase the spectacular flying skills of these amazing birds and are a unique educational experience enjoyed by children and adults alike”.
Well if you do indeed want to…

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