Word a week : Round


doors from

The Hobbit!



Round paintings on the bus


At a word in your ear

The Skinnywench does the following:

Once  a week I dip into my old English dictionary and pick a word a random.  This week’s word is ROUND.  Gosh so many photos to choose from.  As usual add a link back to your post to this blog page so others can check out the competition or other entries.  Add a tag callled ‘ A Word A Week Photo Challenge’ so I can find your post easily.  I will be reblogging some entries throughout the week.  Last week’s word  CLOUD was extremely popular and there were some stunning photos, great quotes and takes on the theme.    I wonder if ROUND  will be as popular.


Inspire me Monday – Week 54

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Here is what inspires me at the moment to go on taking photos!

I started with a photography course on January 5, 2013.

I hope to put my best photos on my blog as I take my practicing steps to take better photos and also make better use of my camera.

In the past I would just take a quick photo of something interesting.

Now I have to really start looking for certain things to take photos of.

First lesson was

Light and shade(Dark)

My 4 photos I used look like this.

I would appreciate if you tell me what you see and think!

1. Hanging basket


2. Early sunshine.


3. Sun shining on the table


4. Flax in shaded colors