Word a week Challenge: cloud

A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Cloud


According to the dictionary the definition of ‘cloud’ is a mass of visible condensed watery vapour floating high above the level of the ground.  A mass of smoke or dust,…..


from New Zealand


Clouds are important .

They give us rain, coolness and it  keeps nature alive.

Surprise Visitor

Opening the bathroom window this morning

I saw some legs and feelers sticking through the opening.

Grabbing my camera I thought:

Ah, something to work with this morning.


The visitor was a Weta.  Not the best photo I must say.

It kept on walking away because I took it off the window to have a good look.

Trompie was also looking at what I was doing

Suddenly he saw the movement on the table


the playing started.

At first sniff sniff, one foot then the other one

then both feet

maybe laying down could do the trick.

Very exciting session Trompie had this morning.

Well, this visitor had huge mandibles and it kept on trying to bite Trompie.

When it went into his toy box it bit onto his one paw’s hair.

Trompie shook it out and was shocked when it fell from his one leg.

He did not expect it to cling onto him!