Quilt in the making

Making a quilt is easy if you know how!

I decided on December 18, 2012  t0  start my next quilt.

I still had the material from this years  Shop Hop.

In February we are having our Quilt Festival and you can only enter two quilts.

Here is the first square in the making.

First all the pieces of material


Measure and cut the pieces.


Work them together.


And there you go

the finished square


The first one was the red one

second one is the same but in black.



18 comments on “Quilt in the making

  1. These look so lovely.
    I have tried to make a few quilts and get up to where you are now, but then I get stuck with what to do with the backing, binding and so on. I will watch your posts with interest to see what you do now.

  2. I am obsessed with Quilts! Iactually wanted one for chritmas but got a equally pretty bedspread (you can see in my video) instead. Wow you have so much talent, I am in awe with maybe a tinge of jealousy! That quilt is going to be amazing!

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