Wet morning walk! One hour in Trompie’s life

This morning was a lovely rainy morning when we had our early walk.

Coming back inside I first have to wait till  I am dried of a bit before I can run around inside.

Here I am with my wet face!


Nice shake out!


This is a nice wet one!


My Mummy picks up my front legs to dry them because her back is old and

doesn’ want to bend forwards or down too much!Ha ha!



What are you looking at!

I’m waiting for the hair dryer.

I love it when Mummy dries me with it, it is so warm and nice.


6 comments on “Wet morning walk! One hour in Trompie’s life

  1. I should have thought about using a hair dryer on kirby today. We have like 25 cm of snow today, so needless to say he almost disappeared, and his “mustache” looked the same as Trompie’s,XD

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