Let’s do a dog snow hop!

Click here to join the hop!

Have a look at what Kirby did with his first snow visit


My photos are of Trompie in the snow

last year end of August.


Wew, I wonder what this could be!?

Let me have another look at the other side!


Mmmm, very strange!



I don’t know what to think of this white stuff.

Is it wet or cold




Just look at these human beings!

Throwing each other with balls of this stuff

( We all enjoyed the snow last year)

We do not have white Christmas here.

Today was extra hot with the cyclone nearing us from the north,

31 C


12 comments on “Let’s do a dog snow hop!

  1. Love the captions! And thanks for putting my caption on Trompie’s ‘one eye watching you’ photo! I got a good giggle from that!!!!

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