Bees decided to move out!

Yesterday I got a call from my son inviting me for a cup of tea at his place.

I could not think how and why? He explained he is home and I am welcome to come over. I jumped in my car and went there.  Ha ha, very interesting situation there at their place.

My son was in his bee suit busy moving his swarm of bees back into his garden.

The bees decided that it was time to move out and look for somewhere else to hive!

My son had to take off from work to catch these run away bees. They all went to the lady next door. Got hold of a small lemon tree and were hanging onto each other for dear live.

I must explain, my son was busy splitting the hive because the queen was using more and more space for her eggs.There also were too many bees in the hive. There must have been an extra queen now also in the old hive, that is why the old queen just takes out a lot of the workers to start a new hive.(Could be the new queen also moving out)

Well after a discussion how the bees could be removed,  my son took a box and the whole swarm fell into the box when he shook them out of the tree. He had to leave them in the box(in the dark) till it was dark. He could then after dark put the whole swarm in a new hive, ready for them to go on with their good work!

What an adventure!

Here are two quick photos of the swarm in the tree.



Could be at least 5 000 bees in this swarm!

10 comments on “Bees decided to move out!

    • It seems that when the bees move out like this they are not very aggressive. You will always get one or to who would want to sting you but the rest are only covering the queen.

  1. My Dad used to have a number of hives and I watched him move bees like this a few times. It was so awesome and I never got tired of being ‘there’ for the action! Great photos Ineke, and enjoyable post!

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