Sunday post: Natural Resources


The following shows why it is important to leave some natural resources where they are.

I have taken many photos of the cherry tree blossoms.

The blossoms are a natural resource for bees

to make their honey. We use honey in many  different ways..

Bees use it to breed new bees.

Queen lays eggs, eggs become bees and

bees pollinate flowers.

Flowers become fruit.

We eat fruit to stay healthy.

Birds also eat fruit and visit flowers for


Busy bee at work( could not get a focused shot at it

it was too busy gathering honey)

Wild plums.

Ready for the birds to eat.

Wild cherries.

Ready for the birds to eat.

Flax flowers.

Ready for the birds to drink their nectar and pollinate them.

Tui on a flax flower stalk.

Enjoying the sweetness

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