The Hobbit : An unexpected journey

Tomorrow is D day for the Hobbit

Wellington New Zealand is in a hustle and bustle

making ready for tomorrow’s big opening of


An unexpected journey

On Sunday I had a quick walk around where everything was moving around to get ready.

Here are some photos I have taken .

10 comments on “The Hobbit : An unexpected journey

  1. Oh, how I would have wanted to be there on the opening day! We went to Embassy and saw Tintin there last Christmas. my entire family would have liked to go back to NZ for this movie! We went of course to all the film sites in Wellington neighbourhood and also to Hobbiton on our way down from Auckland. Now we have seen the Hobbit here in Sweden and Peter Jackson is a genious…Fantastic movie. I adore McKellen as Gandalf, but all the actors were brilliant.

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